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George Will: Supreme Court case could enhance public workers’ rights

Last Sunday, the Freedom Foundation once again received national attention when syndicated columnist George Will published an outstanding article about the Freedom Foundation.  The column was published in The Washington Post and 400 other newspapers nationwide.

His column captures the courageous nature of the Freedom Foundation’s opt-out efforts and the scope of SEIU’s malicious attempts to destroy the foundation.  Will refers to the Freedom Foundation as “This small conservative outfit, that punches above its weight..”, and he goes on to say that “…the Service Employees International Union has been so avaricious in its objectives and so thuggish in its methods that it has been bested by the Freedom Foundation.”

He understands the significance of our work.  It is truly a David vs. Goliath like battle where others fear to tread.

Thank you for standing with us and for your continued support of the Freedom Foundation.    You provide the fuel and ammunition to this little think battle tank that “punches above its weight”.

Read his full article here

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!