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200 Here, 300 There and Pretty Soon It Adds Up to Big Union Opt-Out Numbers

Last month, we reported that 270 people had found financial and political freedom by severing their financial connection to their union. The defections came in response to Freedom Foundation outreach efforts to inform workers of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 affirmation in Janus v. AFSCME that all public employees can now choose for themselves whether their union is worth supporting.

While news of 270 folks opting out of their union was music to our ears, the public employees of California surprised us again this week. Going even further, more than 300 workers over the past seven days have decided now is a good time to cease their financial contributions to their unions.

This came after the Freedom Foundation sent thousands of emails to public employees across California, including teachers, county employees, and city workers.

With the average yearly dues cost in California somewhere between $800 and $900, these public employees will now collectively save more than $240,000 every year. Forever.

That’s not a small amount of money. Tens of thousands of dollars can now flow back into the pockets of public employees, who can choose to spend it however they want. Whether it’s supporting their struggling local small businesses, starting a rainy-day fund or just doing something nice for their families, they no longer must worry about how their union will spend their money for them.

We’ve asked the governor to strengthen the financial position of all public employees in California by implementing a temporary , three-month dues moratorium, which we estimate would put back nearly $250 million into the pockets of those who need it most.

While the governor would rather side with his union cronies — who will, in turn, make fat contributions to his political slush fund — you can make your voice heard by telling Gov. Newsom that you support workers by sending him a letter in support of our dues moratorium proposal.

If you side with workers like we do, please consider spending a few minutes and visit our online portal here.