Another new week, another 100 former union members

Another new week, another 100 former union members

Another new week, another 100 former union members

I love Mondays.

Many people dread the end of the weekend, but not everyone has an exciting and fulfilling job that allows them to help people and make a difference in our communities and society.

When I wake up on Monday morning, I can hardly wait to get to the office. Mondays are typically the best day of the week because of the returned opt-out forms arriving in the mail.

Some days we get a few dozen, and other days it is more than 100.

Last week, for example, Illinois led the race with 180 opt-out forms processed on Monday alone. By the end of the week, we mailed out more than 300 requests to cancel union memberships.

At an average of $800 a year in union dues, that is nearly $250,000 a year that will be taken out of the coffers of the largest and most politicized labor unions in America to be put back into the pockets of the people who earned it.

It’s wonderful to have a job where you win every day. The only question is by how much.

Every public employee who exercises their rights is a win, and we’ve been averaging about 100 opt-outs a day running through our office and website combined.

I love Mondays. And lasagna.

National Outreach Director
Before joining the Freedom Foundation, Matthew worked as supervisor at the Washington State Department of Agriculture, where he coordinated efforts between federal and state agencies, tribes, and volunteer organizations in the Puget Sound. Grassroots politics has provided Matthew with many unique and sometimes controversial experiences. These experiences range from successfully building coalitions between different factions to training and organizing volunteers to maximize their effectiveness. Matthew’s passion for freedom to educate citizens about their Constitutional rights is strong and unwavering. “I not only measure success by results, bu t by the integrity of the action taken to achieve the result.” —Matthew H.