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California union caught forging signatures

Last week, I received a disturbing call. An IHSS provider heard about the opportunity to opt out and promptly told her union (SEIU 2015) she wanted out.

If only the story ended there.

Representatives from SEIU 2015 informed her she couldn’t. She had signed the union membership card, she was told, and had to remain a dues paying member until the 15-day window of her anniversary date of membership.

There’s only one problem. She never signed a card.

When she complained, the union responded by showing her a membership card with her signature.

Except it wasn’t hers. The signature was forged.

Thankfully, she has spoken with several attorneys and is ready to file a claim in small claims court against SEIU 2015.

Her story is unfortunately not unique.

When a caregiver wants out of the union, it’s up to him or her to notify the union and request to opt out. SEIU 2015 gets around this by collecting signature cards from members when they join.

They’ll call and harass these members until they sign.

And if they don’t, well, forgery is always an option. It certainly was for SEIU 2015.

The Freedom Foundation has invested significant resources into its litigation and legal counsel. We have a team of attorneys who handle cases like these across Washington, Oregon and now California. In California, we recently won a case for a homecare provider who wanted to opt out of her union. The union ended up settling her case and gave back her dues and her freedom.

You can read more of her story here

If you or someone you know have experienced a similar problem, let us know—we are happy to help. If you just want to opt out of your union, you can go to