Did Pennsylvania Unions Ever Really Care About Blue-Collar Workers?

Did Pennsylvania Unions Ever Really Care About Blue-Collar Workers?

Did Pennsylvania Unions Ever Really Care About Blue-Collar Workers?

Pennsylvania’s rich history was hammered out by its blue-collar workforce.

From manufacturing to steel to natural gas, the Commonwealth has led the way in industries that supported the middle-class family — industries that allowed small rural towns to thrive and grow.

Not surprisingly, Pennsylvania was seen as the crucible in which the labor movement fired its goal of organizing American workers.

But over the past few decades, we’ve watched as millions of manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to overseas companies while the communities they had previously supported collapse in despair.

All the while, unions have turned their backs on the men and women who made Pennsylvania a once economic juggernaut.

Union bosses decided that pandering to leftist politicians was more important than protecting the average worker and his or her livelihood. Meanwhile, their membership has been victimized by the same economic devastation that plagues every American.

The only difference is that union members actually paid for the privilege with billions of dollars in dues money siphoned out of their paychecks by the union that claims to care first and last about their wellbeing.

Unions have diverted billions to candidates who fervently push for the Green New Deal, candidates that label blue-collar workers as inherently racist and woke causes such as defunding the police and BLM.

Unions like Teamsters, LiUNA, the United Steel workers and United Mine workers serve as the largest collective bargaining units for public employees in the trade fields in Pennsylvania. That’s why, over the past two months, the Freedom Foundation started an outreach campaign to these public employees to shed light on the disastrous policies union bosses support with someone else’s money.

In a single campaign to these members, we have seen more than 300 public sector Pennsylvanians working as laborers, sanitation workers and maintenance specialists resign their membership and take a stand against their unions’ subservience to these radical policies and politicians.

We stand with blue-collar workers and the vital work they preform that keep our communities function and run smoothly.

Pennsylvania Outreach Director
Joe is an alumnus of Drexel University where he earned a degree in Political Science and Economics. He was the first in family to earn a college degree. Joe also led Drexel’s college republicans as their organization’s chairman as well at serving on the board of a local Christian charity which helped under-privileged children in the Philadelphia metro area. Before coming to the Freedom Foundation, Joe gained a wide variety of political experience after working as a campaign consultant not only throughout Pennsylvania but the country. He worked on several high-profile winning campaigns for such candidates as President Trump, Senator Tim Scott, now Governor Greg Ginaforte and Congressman Scott Perry to name a few. He brought an expertise in grassroots outreach to the Freedom Foundation’s expansion into Pennsylvania. Joe is a life-long resident of Pennsylvania where he enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors with his wife, son and two dogs. He remains active in his York County community but volunteering for several charity groups and dog rescues.