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Economic prosperity for all

Economic prosperity is the powerful hand that keeps markets in check and drives social decisions towards solutions that help spur more growth. But now and then, governments and organizations collude to bend these markets towards their own “socially desirable decisions.” Many times, no, all the time, these socially desirable decisions create large inequalities that lead to slow growth, inefficiencies, and waste.

Congress just passed a major tax reform package that aims to lower the rate the government collects on individuals and businesses in every bracket. Republicans and experts say it will spur economic growth by allowing more people to do more with their money as they choose. Their rationale is sound. Free markets with free individuals lead to economic prosperity and growth. Capitalism works. Free markets work.

There’s another reform coming on the way that will lead to greater economic prosperity for all.

Janus v AFSCME is not simply a union vs. non-union issue. It’s an economic issue. It is quite possibly the biggest free market issue of our generation. The government gives public sector unions a special pass to collect mandatory dues from workers. No other group gets this privilege, and absolutely no group should.

These unions spend upwards of $50 million every election cycle in the State of California alone. This money goes into politician’s slush budgets, and it goes to lobbyist bank accounts.

Janus v AFSCME could be the greatest economic engine this country has ever seen.

Imagine public sector union workers choosing to use their money to support local businesses, donate to charities, and paying down debt. Imagine fair elections where special interest money can’t sway public opinion as easily.

But it’s not that simple.

Even if the Supreme Court grants union workers right-to-work protections, unions will not let their members go that easily. They are actively working on tricking people into signing new, flashy advertising brochures that permit the union to take money from their paycheck. It also limits the worker’s ability to exercise their legal right to opt out by imposing an arbitrary and narrow 15-day window only once every year.

Freedom Foundation is dedicated to economic prosperity for all. This mission keeps us laser-focused on the real impediment to free markets—public sector unions.