Fed Up Teachers Say Goodbye to Their Unions for Good

Fed Up Teachers Say Goodbye to Their Unions for Good

Fed Up Teachers Say Goodbye to Their Unions for Good

During the last year, your Freedom Foundation has heard from many teachers fed up with their teachers’ unions and looking for other options of representation and insurance protections.

Your Freedom Foundation has helped many teachers leave their unions, share information with their colleagues, and learn about alternative organizations that provide liability insurance – one of the most powerful tools teacher union leaders use to keep teachers locked into their union.

Margy Schoenheit is one such teacher in Oregon who sat down with the Freedom Foundation to talk about why she left her union behind:

“The biggest roadblock for my students’ success was the teachers’ union.

“Today, teacher unions keep schools closed, teach kids to hate themselves and others based on the color of their skin, and call for defunding the police.

“That’s why Oregon teachers are putting union dues back in their paychecks and opting out.”

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