Freedom Foundation Adds Online Library of Oregon Public Employee Union Contracts

Freedom Foundation Adds Online Library of Oregon Public Employee Union Contracts

Freedom Foundation Adds Online Library of Oregon Public Employee Union Contracts

As the nation’s leading organization in giving public employees information about their rights regarding their labor union, the Freedom Foundation has a new resource to help reach even more people. As many government employees have already learned, we have a website on which collective bargaining contracts in the state of Washington are searchable.

To that, we’ve now added a website listing Oregon’s public employee union contracts.

Because collective bargaining agreements are not required to be public information, this may be the only resource available where workers can actually read what’s in the contract their union signed with their employer — and decide for themselves whether it’s worth the hundreds of dollars they’re paying in union dues every year.

The Freedom Foundation is always implementing new ways of expanding its service to public employees trapped in a union that takes their money but doesn’t always represent their best interests. As the nation’s leading grassroots advocate for right-to-work legislation, we pride ourselves in helping government workers understand — and exercise — rights their union doesn’t even want them to know they have.

Currently, the Freedom Foundation has offices in Washington, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, but we have success stories in just about every state in the union.

With the information coming out in Oregon — such as SEIU 503 electing our politicians, and unions forging membership signatures — union members need to realize what their leadership is up to. This is where the Freedom Foundation’s resources come in. We won’t sit back and watch as the public employee unions spend millions of dollars electing politicians that give the unions the contracts they want.

We won’t let them forge membership signatures to collect dues from unsuspecting employees and then keep taking dues out until their “opt-out window” comes around.

Unions don’t care that they’re hurting innocent people. All they care about is the money they can bring in.

If you have any questions about your union, please look up their collective bargaining agreement and/or contact the Freedom Foundation at (360) 956-3482, or visit us at, and we’d be happy to help.

Oregon Policy Analyst
Joshua Ebert is from Vancouver but moved to attend Corban University and graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. He is a policy analyst for the Freedom Foundation and when he isn’t working, he enjoys being with friends and family as well as learning new skills. Some of his favorite things include eating food, working out, and relaxing.