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Freedom Foundation Launches New Campaign as Expansion Continues

As our supporters are very well aware, the Freedom Foundation has had tremendous success in the wake of the Janus decision along the West Coast.

Some of the largest public employee unions in Washington and Oregon, like WFSE and SEIU 503, traditional political powerhouses, have lost well over 30 percent of their membership in just over a year, in addition to millions in lost revenue vanishing alongside their members and incalculable political clout.

Our world-class legal team has also cost them big time. The Freedom Foundation is currently engaged in more than 60 federal lawsuits against government unions, representing thousands of public employees at no charge, and costing union cronies’ tens of millions of dollars.

States across the country have reached out to the Freedom Foundation requesting our assistance, and we have answered the call. In late 2019, the foundation left the West Coast, for the first time opening offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and our eyes are set on a sixth state in the near future.

As the Freedom Foundation works tirelessly to bring our message of worker freedom to all Americans, we’ve released a new video to help explain exactly who we are and what we intend to do as we enter new states.