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Freedom Foundation streaming live to teachers

While office visits and going door-to-door were put on hold in 2020, the Freedom Foundation continued contacting public employees via emails, mailings, social media ads, radio, billboards, and text messaging.

Perhaps the most innovative technique we have developed so far is our recent mass educational webinars.

Last month we reached out to teachers throughout Washington state, inviting them to join our Freedom Foundation teacher webinar to discuss their right to leave the ‘teachers’ union as well as how to form a local-only union.

Nearly two-hundred teachers from dozens of school districts around Washington joined our two webinars and asked lots of great questions.  Needless to say, the webinar was well received by the teachers who attended.

We received dozens of positive comments from teachers, and hundreds of teachers from almost every county have submitted opt-out forms through since the webinars.

Here’s our most recent teacher webinar. If you know a teacher, please forward it to them for consideration.

The Freedom Foundation will continue to inform public employees about their rights to cease paying union dues. We will also work to educate all public employees about the process of replacing their existing union. We will not stop until every public employee in America knows their rights and are able to exercise them freely.