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Homecare provider free from union

Taeko Moses cares for her elderly mother as a homecare provider. She’s been a dues-paying of SEIU 2015 for years.

SEIU 2015 is the largest homecare union in the state of California. In 2017, it took in more than $90 million USD in union dues. More than half of that amount was transferred to the union’s national headquarters in Washington, D.C., for “lobbying and administrative fees.”

The union told Taeko they were taking care of her so she could take care of her mother.

But something didn’t add up. Why did she have to pay a union to take care of her mother? She’s the one that records her hours, submits her time sheets and provides the service.

The union never offered her assistance. All it did was send her pamphlets about “evil Republicans” and a shadowy organization called the “Freedom Foundation” that wants to take away her rights.

So she did something the union didn’t anticipate when it mailed and called more than 300,000 of its members. She took the time to research the Freedom Foundation, and what she found led her on a journey that ultimately led her to taking back her true freedom.

Taeko discovered she didn’t need to join a union. She also found out her constitutional rights were being violated and she didn’t need to pay to take care of her loved one.

This is what the Freedom Foundation does.

We educate providers on their rights to opt out of the union. This is crucial to our goal of promoting a more free and accountable government. Unions are empowered by the bureaucrats in Washington and Sacramento that allow them to conduct their business free from any interference.

These bureaucrats are elected with taxpayer dollars from individuals like Taeko. If we’re going to stop the influence of the union, we need more courageous individuals like Taeko who take their freedom back and away from a union as corrupt as any money laundering machine in Chicago.

Help us share Taeko’s story and let’s take back California’s freedom together.