Freedom Foundation

Information Is Power, And Unions Never Share Either

Nothing so eloquently sums up the difference between the Freedom Foundation and its union adversaries as their respective reactions to the truth.

For its part, the Freedom Foundation is committed to ensuring every public employee is informed of their rights to cease paying union dues and to make sure they have not been tricked, lied to, misled, or bullied.

When we get emails like the following, it only reinforces that the unions’ greatest fear is public employees finding out the truth.

“I am a local government employee and wanted to let you know what is being done with the emails you are sending to us providing options regarding our pay. Specifically, your organization sent an email yesterday (4/7) about union dues opt-out considerations. Below is the text sent from our union regarding your communications:”

“…Unfortunately, outrageously, some are using the situation to sow fear and division. One group pushing this divisive agenda right now calls themselves the Freedom Foundation, or Opt-Out Today. If you haven’t received their email yet, you may see it soon in your inbox. The best thing to do is mark it as spam and report it to your IT department.”

In solidarity,

Karen Estevenin

PROTEC17 Executive Director

“Sure enough, your mail went to my Junk mail folder before I even saw it. When I attempted to mark it as “Not Junk,” our system settings overrode my action and kept it in my Junk Mail folder. I believe everyone (union and non-union) should have equal access to all this information rather than the unions being treated as special and a partner with the government and anyone who differs being blocked out as ‘Junk.’ Each individual should make the decision on whether your communications are Junk or not. Good luck!”

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, an SEIU local once robo-called all of its members warning them not to open a mailing we sent out. The recording suggested they throw it directly in the trash without even looking at it.

We have received several public records requests that show union stewards pleading with IT to block our emails agency-wide.

Unions fear the truth. They fear workers being educated to make an informed decision. Their brazen actions to suppress the truth, feed the curiosity of many while fostering a mistrust toward the union.

The good news is, at least for now, we are still getting through to hundreds of thousands of people through email. Last week alone, we sent out 250,000 emails to public employees. And last month, we received hundreds of opt-outs after sending a single email!

Public employees are getting our emails, they are becoming better informed, and they are opting out.