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Massive Exodus of State Employees from AFSCME

Why do unions sue to block the release of public employees’ names to the Freedom Foundation? Why do they invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a shadow organization whose only job to smear the Freedom Foundation?

Why do unions tell their members that information from the Freedom Foundation should be deleted, trashed or shouted down? Why do they coach union activists to file frivolous Attorney General complaints and demand public agencies block Freedom Foundation messages?

Why did they invest $2 million to pass a deceptive initiative to end Freedom Foundation access to the contact information for a large percentage of the public workforce?

It’s because they fear the one truth that shakes the union bureaucracy and jeopardizes the large paychecks of the dues collectors: Workers are in the drivers’ seat now, and the Freedom Foundation put them there.

When the Freedom Foundation tells workers about their options, those workers act by the thousands.

This week provided a clear example.

On Monday morning, tens of thousands of state and college employees represented by the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) were greeted with an email message from the Freedom Foundation’s “Opt Out Today” project that presented three simple facts:

  1. Payment is now optional and we have a form to easily opt out at our website “”
  2. Unions overcharge by millions of dollars and spend the surplus on politics and ideological causes.
  3. Greedy union bosses are trying to entrap workers with “irrevocable” payment contracts.

The response has been overwhelming. Within a few days, hundreds of state employees were filling out the resignation forms and sending them in to the union.

By Wednesday, the union-funded attack dog sent a hit piece to many state employees bashing the Freedom Foundation with lies and personal attacks.

By Thursday, the national president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) sent a nationwide “Red Alert!” email message about the Freedom Foundation. Disgruntled union members from New York to Alaska contacted us with interest.

KIRO radio heard about the union panic and contacted us for a story. As always, the Northwest Accountability Project, the union attack wing that recently received $60,000 from WFSE and AFSCME, couldn’t be located for comment.

But the most important people who have been contacting us by the hundreds are the public employees who are relieved to discover that their financial subjugation to the union enterprise is over.

They’re expressing their gratitude and seeking help reclaiming control.

If you know someone who is frustrated by any government union’s overcharges and ideological agenda, direct them to our outstanding resource:


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