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Freedom Foundation website records its 11,250th opt-out

Our friends at the union front group calling itself the Northwest Accountability Project maintain a permanent, paid, online advertisement that describes the Freedom Foundation’s outreach efforts to public employees as “…yet another in a long line of their failures.”

The authors of this assertion, however, have some inconsistencies to confront. Most obviously, they need to explain their own existence.

If the Freedom Foundation were truly as inept and ineffectual as its union adversaries insist, for example, why are they squandering millions in member dues on countermeasures like the Northwest Accountability Project itself, not to mention the myriad lawsuits they’ve filed — and lost — hoping to prevent us from exposing the web of lies on which the whole union/government enterprise is based?

In point of fact, what we do works. The unions know it, and it terrifies them.

That’s why the Freedom Foundation’s methods are being emulated by policy organizations all over the country, and why union leaders from one end of the country to the other have declared us Public Enemy No. 1.

Need further proof? Consider some hard numbers.

As of this week, 11,250 government employees in Washington, Oregon and California have left their union via the Freedom Foundation’s website, our call center and in-person visits. This doesn’t include the thousands more who’ve managed to defect by other means. It’s simply those who’ve won their freedom thanks to a unique collection of tools we provide for this express purpose.


Do the math. Assuming these employees pay an average of $1,000 a year in dues, it adds up to $11.3 million in revenues lost forever. That’s money the unions will never again be able to funnel to the far-left candidates and causes they support but at least half their members don’t.

Better yet, it’s money 11,250 free Americans can spend on what’s important to them instead of having no choice but to see it spent lining the pockets of greedy union leaders and the unscrupulous politicians responsible for passing legislation necessary to perpetuate the whole corrupt enterprise for generations.

11,250 —  and the numbers continue to grow exponentially in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME just a few weeks ago extending right-to-work protections to every state, city and county employee in the U.S.

Don’t let their bluster mislead you. There’s a huge leak in the government employee union boat, but instead of water streaming in, once-mandatory dues dollars are streaming out at an alarming (for them) rate.

Above the water line, the unions and their surrogates are full of cheery hubris; down below, they’re bailing furiously.

Meanwhile, the lifeboats are steadily filling with those only too willing to watch their former oppressors slip beneath the waves and sink to the bottom once and for all.