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McCabe’s Real Clear Politics Article Examines How The Left, Unions Sowed The Seeds Of Their Own Downfall

On Election Night, Donald Trump’s shocking (to the mainstream media, that is) victory just proved what the Freedom Foundation and its supporters have long known: Support for the liberal agenda, like a balloon, appears huge at first glance, but underneath its thin skin there’s nothing but hot air.

And the surest way to deflate the leftist balloon is by puncturing it with reforms that choke off the hot air at its source – government employee unions.

That’s the theme of an article written by Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe and published on Wednesday on the Real Clear Politics website. Headlined “How Union Bosses Sold Out Their Workers,” the piece explains that 2016 was the first full election cycle following the introduction of right-to-work and other legislation targeting public-sector unions in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Not coincidentally, those two states were the most obvious subtractions from the Democrats’ vaunted Blue Wall, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff found itself incapable of generating much of a ground game without the foot soldiers traditionally supplied by organized labor.

Had the unions spent more time – and member dues – worrying about collective bargaining and workplace issues rather than advancing a Leftist agenda at least half its members don’t support, things wouldn’t be looking so dire today for both the unions and the Left.

But that’s their problem … and our opportunity.

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