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Millions Going To Fund Out-of-State Agendas

It’s bad enough that SEIU – or some other labor union – takes without asking a hefty cut of nearly every government employee’s paycheck to fund the extreme leftist politics of the union leadership. But if you’re in a deep-blue state like Washington or Oregon, it isn’t uncommon to see those dollars spent in cities, counties and states the workers will never even set foot in.

SEIU is so firmly entrenched in the Pacific Northwest that the local union doesn’t even need all the money it collects, so SEIU 775, 925 and 503 are able to funnel dollars to SEIU’s national headquarters to spend in close elections elsewhere in the country. 

In recent years, dues money from Washington and Oregon workers – dollars they have no choice but to pay – has been spent in the Chicago mayoral election and the Virginia governor’s race, to name just two. Because Washington isn’t a swing state and the union doesn’t need to spend as much locals in other states do on close races, it has the luxury of supporting uber-liberal causes and candidates all over the country. Rather than simply returning the surplus dues money to the workers who earned them, SEIU feels completely justified in spending other people’s money on races that have absolutely no impact on the lives of the people it claims to represent.

Talk about arrogance.