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‘Nakedly Political’ Lawsuit May Head to Supreme Court

The Freedom Foundation has become Public Enemy No. 1 to government employee unions.

Union bosses have done everything they can to keep members in the dark about their right to opt out, but the Freedom Foundation continues its outreach campaign.

And the truth is spreading like wildfire.

The Freedom Foundation is directly responsible for more than 50,000 people leaving their unions on the West Coast during the past nine months. That means tens of millions of dollars – every year – that won’t go to unions to be spent on their destructive political agenda.

Through government building canvassing, door-to-door visits, direct mail, email, phone calls and now even text messages, government employees are learning they can leave their unions – and they’re telling their friends.

The Freedom Foundation’s online opt-out guide,, is being shared all over the West Coast – such that it’s even been blocked from government computer servers.

The unions are fighting back, and they fight dirty.

They’ve tried scaring Freedom Foundation employees. They’ve stormed our offices and harassed our canvassers.

They’ve tried legislation to block our outreach efforts. And they’ve called on friendly attorneys general to tie us up in court and block us from exercising commonly used First Amendment rights.

We won’t stop, because the mission is too important. This short video explains why we’ve appealed a Washington court ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court – because it impacts us all.