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‘Operation Worker Freedom’ Expands in California

The Freedom Foundation just kicked things up a notch in California. Big time.

In an effort to reach public-sector workers before they begin their holiday breaks — to inform them of their constitutional right to resign from their union — the Freedom Foundation this week unveiled a statewide canvassing and outreach campaign of unprecedented size.

It’s called “Operation Worker Freedom” and, over the next six weeks, dozens of canvassers will be simultaneously deployed and engaging government workers face to face at dozens of government office buildings in 10 major California cities.

We’re not stopping at workplace canvassing, either. Hundreds of thousands of emails and social media posts will also be sent to public-sector workers statewide, and our freedom-fighting teams will be knocking on hundreds of doors around the state.

“Operation Worker Freedom” is shaping up to be a tidal wave of new information and happy faces, ready to help public employees with the difficult questions about opting out of their public-sector unions.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about this massive effort as it develops.

If you’re a public-sector worker in California tired of having dues taken out of your paycheck each month — money used to fund political causes and activities you don’t agree with — you will be hearing from us soon.

And if you’re a union steward, now is the time to slip on your walking shoes.

“Operation Worker Freedom” is under way.