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Outreach to School Employees in California Proceeds Vigorously

The Freedom Foundation has started an ambitious outreach effort to the 870,000 public school employees in California. Most of these are in workplaces that, until recently, required them have automatic union payroll deductions as a condition of working in a school.

The Janus v. AFSCME ruling this summer has made it possible for these public employees to make their own decision about funding unions — but only if they know about these rights. The union dues collectors have an interest in protecting their cashflow, so they have not made it easy for teachers to exercise their rights.

A liberty doesn’t exist if people are deceived and pressured to keep on being exploited.

That’s why the Freedom Foundation goes to great lengths to inform public employees about their rights. For California school employees, the “Opt Out Today” website includes a specific section dedicated to teachers and classified staff in California schools.

Once school started, Freedom Foundation sent a note to more than a half million public school employees using public email addresses. More than 30,000 visited the information page.

Expressions of appreciation were common such as:

“I have had many issues and no support from my Union as they never are able to represent me” – Teri

Already opted out! Thanks!” – James

“Thank you for the information.” – Shauna

While many teachers expressed their gratitude, others were not as happy with our outreach. One union representative who accidently included us in a panicked response to building representatives exclaimed:

“We need to inform Teachers DO NOT OPT OUT ASAP” – NH

Union organizers had reason to scramble to stem the hemorrhaging. Nearly one thousand school employees so far have downloaded the form to resign from a school union.


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