SEIU 1000 Members Openly Question Its Priorities

SEIU 1000 Members Openly Question Its Priorities

SEIU 1000 Members Openly Question Its Priorities

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that unions are extremely active in politics and often directly harm their own members interests in pursuit of their own political goals.

The Freedom Foundation has regularly exposed unions for their support of these political mission, such as the recent story we posted detailing SEIU’s political spending efforts in the past few years.

We know that unions like SEIU spend their members’ money on political missions that have nothing to do with the representation of their members, but it’s somewhat rare to see this expressed publicly by outraged members who would rather see a union focused on their workplaces, not polling places.

This treat is brought to you by the official SEIU 1000 Facebook page where the union can often be seen begging their members to support their political ends.

SEIU 1000 which is strongly opposed to Proposition 22, a ballot measure which would re-classify app-based workers such as Uber and Lyft drivers as independent contractors, because it would ruin their multi-million dollar investment in making these workers easier to organize.

“This has nothing to do with your represented workers – you know the ones who pay you to represent them” says C.G. In response, E.S says “opt out. They don’t represent us”

“Tell me what SEIU is endorsing so I can do the opposite.” – C.C

“Majority of Uber and Lyft drivers don’t want this. Funny that SEIU wants it so bad.” – C.M

In another post opposed to Proposition 22, more angry union members took the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with their unions political mission.

“Why is the CA state workers union concerned about this?? I’m voting yes!” – M.L

While we could take the time to post every negative comment that SEIU 1000 receives from their members for failing to promote their professional interests, that would make this a much longer story than anyone would wish to read. The negative response from SEIU 1000 members toward their union leadership’s spending priorities is overwhelming.

We already knew this, as nearly 43% of SEIU 1000 members have already chosen to cease their membership dues deductions and vote with their wallet. It’s not surprising, SEIU 1000 is one of the most unpopular unions in California, as we’ve previously written about here.

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