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SEIU 503 Rally Dismal at Best

On Monday, SEIU 503 hosted its annual revenue rally, which union leaders dubbed their “signature event of the 2019 legislative session.”

As is true of most recent SEIU events, it bombed.

The union requested its members join them at the Capitol in Salem for two lobby days of their choosing but ordered “all members and community partners” to the revenue rally.

Considering SEIU 503 claims to represent about 72,000 people (even though only 45,000 pay dues), one would expect this to bring quite the crowd. That didn’t seem to be the case.

This poorly attended event is indicative of SEIU’s declining popularity as a whole, both in the eyes of the general public and of its own members.

SEIU 503 has seen one of the nation’s largest declines in membership since the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME last June, which freed all public employees from undesired union membership.

As of February, 26 percent of SEIU 503’s members have successfully left their union, keeping thousands of dollars in their paychecks with them as they went.

With more and more of its members seeing SEIU for the scheme that it really is, and fewer and fewer willing to act as their political pawns for these showboating events, Monday really was a perfect example of how out of touch SEIU leadership is.

They brought tents, huge speakers and a video screen for a crowd that would have been able to hear every word President Melissa Unger blabbed at slightly above an indoor voice.

And what a stemwinder of an address she delivered. Despite her pleas to make enough noise to be heard by the lawmakers inside, the largely apathic crowd could barely be heard halfway down the block.

Union spinmeisters were quick to label the event “historic,” but hysterical might be a better description. Without question, SEIU’s power grip on power is slipping. The only question now is how long before it loses it altogether?