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SEIU 721’s Blunders Just Keep Coming

Previously, we reported that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 721 had miscalculated a window period for a public worker, which would have forced her to pay dues for more than a year after she sent her opt-out letter.

It turns out the “system error” the union experienced was not limited to one worker.

Public employee Karianne attempted to opt out of SEIU 721 in May 2020 after becoming disenchanted with the representation the union was providing for her workplace. She was greeted in return by a letter stating she would have to wait until July – not of 2020, but of 2021 — in order to opt out.

The extra year was puzzling, but not as much as the rest of the date. The union claimed Karianne signed her membership card in June 2015, and window periods generally come a month or so before the anniversary of signing the card – not after.

There was absolutely nothing about the provided July opt-out date that made any sense. Knowing something wasn’t right, Karianne got in touch with the Freedom Foundation.

A letter from a Freedom Foundation attorney was all it took to get a speedy resolution for Karianne.

The union could not dispute its math was wrong yet again. What makes these administrative errors even more embarrassing for the union is that SEIU 721’s executive director, Bob Schoonover, is the president of the entire statewide SEIU apparatus.

Under his poor leadership, it comes as no surprise that SEIU 721 members are leaving the union by the hundreds.

At any rate, the Freedom Foundation is committed to keeping SEIU 721 and other public-sector unions in line and sticking up for workers like Karianne.