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The 350-member hole we blew in SEIU 721 just became 650

If you’ve been following the saga of SEIU 721’s response to the Freedom Foundation’s holiday outreach campaign, you already know that the union is in full-on panic mode after losing hundreds of members over the past few weeks.

Attacks against the Freedom Foundation by SEIU 721 president Bob Schoonover, and doom-and-gloom headlines like “Don’t get Scrooged” – warning dues-payers of the insidious reality that they can choose to cease union dues deductions – have been plentiful.

You’d think SEIU 721 would learn from its mistakes and try to prove its worth instead of attacking the Freedom Foundation and attempting to scare workers into union membership. But that hasn’t happened.

In fact, SEIU recently doubled down on its incendiary rhetoric and posted a new story.

The title? “100,000 jobless Americans – we could join them IF we lose our union.”

This cheery missive was posted on Dec. 22, just in time for the holidays.

Merry Christmas.

The story paints a bleak reality for many Americans as they struggle to make mortgage payments, find work and even pay for necessities like food and clothing. This is a real problem, but not for the reasons SEUI 721 would have you believe.

So what’s the cause of the problem? If you believe SEIU 721, it’s folks not signing their union membership cards.

As previously reported, SEIU 721 was down more than 350 members just a few weeks after the Freedom Foundation launched an outreach campaign over the holidays.

That number has since grown to more than 650.

What SEIU 721 won’t tell you is that union membership isn’t the shield it’s supposed to be. Take for example SEIU 620, a union claiming to represent city employees in Southern California.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Santa Barbara was forced to lay off more than 400 employees – members of this SEIU local.

The real world truth is that, regardless of membership, public employees owe their jobs to the stability of local budgets and tax revenue. If layoffs need to happen, they will.

Unions cannot stop municipalities from becoming insolvent or raising extra tax revenue overnight (not that they won’t try).

Ultimately, SEIU 721 knows this. But as the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste. If SEIU 721 can bend the truth, scare public employees into joining the union and con them into signing irrevocable membership contracts that will lock them into years of union dues payments all at the same time, they will.

Thankfully, the Freedom Foundation is here to help. We’ve helped more than 650 SEIU 721 dues-payers end their union membership in the past few weeks, costing the union more than $520,000 every year – forever.

And they’re just the beginning.