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SEIU Texas’ Bankruptcy A Lesson In How To Battle A Bully

Earlier this month, the school-yard bully, the Texas branch of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), filed for bankruptcythanks to the courage of Houston-based Professional Janitorial Services.  

SEIU’s bankruptcy came on the heels of its crushing defeat in court where a jury awarded Professional Janitorial Services a $5.3 million judgment. Nine years ago, Professional Janitorial filed a lawsuit against SEIU for dirty unionization tactics that included maligning the company reputation.  

While many companies cower before unions, company CEO Brent Southwell decided to hit the bully back for its underhanded and unethical tactics.  

All told, SEIU Texas owes Professional Janitorial Services $7.8 million. 

Like Mr. Southwell, the Freedom Foundation is fighting back against union tyranny from SEIU, whose loss demonstrates what can happen when you are willing to stand up against a bully.