Susan McCabe and the letter that launched 300 opt-outs

Susan McCabe and the letter that launched 300 opt-outs

Susan McCabe and the letter that launched 300 opt-outs

Hopefully the union leaders signing the checks that fund the so-called “Northwest Accountability Project” are keeping score.

If they are, they’ll recognize their latest terrorist attack against the Freedom Foundation did no damage to us but played a major part in hundreds of union members exercising their right to opt out.

Created in 2014 in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinn ruling that freed hundreds of thousands of Medicaid-reimbursed, home-based caregivers and childcare providers, NWAP’s singular objective is to smear the Freedom Foundation in hopes of thwarting our efforts to inform once-forcibly unionized workers of their newly affirmed rights to opt out.

Typically, its efforts are confined to unintentionally hilarious social media posts and the occasional op-ed regurgitating the same eyeroll-inducing union talking points.

But every so often, the attacks get nastier and more personal.

During August, NWAP dipped back into its bag of sleazy tricks and sent letters to the neighbors of several Freedom Foundation officers accusing them of racism, homophobia … you name it.

And for an encore, it organized protests at businesses owned by several Freedom Foundation board members.

What the architects of this mayhem never quite seem to grasp is how tactics that seem perfectly appropriate to frothing-at-the-mouth union operatives can have just the opposite effect on rational human beings.

Which is where Susan McCabe comes in.

Susan, the wife of Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe, responded to NWAP’s most recent mail and telephone slander campaign by fighting fire with fire.

As this article on the NWK Network’s website describes, Susan sent “sending an email to more than 200,000 teachers and state workers in Washington asking them if they were OK with their union dues being used to ‘bully and intimidate’ those with opposing points of view.

“With all the slander the labor unions so freely sling in their letter, I found it interesting they fail to mention what they are really concerned about—the fact that the Freedom Foundation is helping workers opt out of unions,” Susan McCabe wrote. “Since 2014, with very rare exceptions, that’s all the Freedom Foundation does. The group explains workers’ rights, helps workers who want to leave and legally defends them if necessary.”

Much to the chagrin of the union hit squad that created them, there have been no reports of violence directed at the McCabes or other Freedom Foundation staff members that can be attributed to the mass mailings and robocalls. Nor has a single Freedom Foundation board member been bullied into dropping their support.

In an impressive display of marketing jiu jitsu, however, more than 300 of those who received Susan McCabe’s letter subsequently opted out of their union.

A coincidence? Maybe. Or it could be those 300 workers were already disgusted with their union and its most recent sleaze campaign was simply the last straw.

Either way, the lesson the unions never seem capable of learning is that you shouldn’t make a habit of poking the bear unless you enjoy being mauled.

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