Freedom Foundation


The Freedom Foundation is recognized across the U.S. as an action think tank that tackles inefficiency and free markets through real-world solutions. One of the ways it does this is through activating and educating union workers to make a difference in their community.

As of today, the Freedom Foundation has been contacted by more than 300 homecare providers across the state of California and reached more than 400 homecare providers in Los Angeles County in 2018 alone.

The first quarter of the year is critical in our fight against the unions. But the fight to reform government from union tyranny is not limited to homecare provider unions, nor is our effort limited in that regard.

A few months ago, our litigation attorney successfully assisted a Santa Ana police detective against her city. The city refused to provide the employee with health insurance after the employee opted out to become an agency fee payer. An agency fee payer is an individual who no longer wishes to pay a portion of his or her union dues to union political activity.

Why the city would then revoke its benefits to an employee was beyond comprehension to the employee and to our attorneys. The foundation fought back and it won.

With every win, the union’s message of “worker support” is exposed as a farcical tale.