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Todd Herman Compliments Freedom Foundation work on “The Rush Limbaugh Show”

Many members of the Freedom Foundation family are fans of talk radio, and particularly Rush Limbaugh.

Those Rush fans join tens of millions across the country at the beginning of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” each day to hear if it will be Rush’s voice or a guest host, as Rush battles late-stage lung cancer.

Hearing another voice brings with it a tinge of disappointment and sadness, as well as a reminder to keep El Rushbo in our thoughts and prayers.

When we can’t have the Doctor of Democracy himself, however, we do very much enjoy hearing Todd Herman on Rush’s show. Todd Herman is a very popular radio show host in his own right, based in Seattle, and he’s a good friend to the Freedom Foundation.

So imagine our delight when, last week while Todd Herman filled in on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” he complimented the Freedom Foundation’s work regarding public-sector unions.

Freedom Foundation listeners were surprised and delighted to hear such high praise, completely unexpected, on the most listened-to talk radio show in the country — nay, the world.

Please give this brief segment between Todd Herman and a caller a listen.

Thank you, Todd.

And God bless Rush Limbaugh.