Freedom Foundation

Too big to fail

We are seeing a transformative movement in technology, business and education. Uber and Lyft don’t own any vehicles and yet they have become the world’s largest taxi service. AirBnB doesn’t own any real estate and yet is the earth’s largest hotel service. Facebook creates no content but is now the world’s most popular media owner.

Each of these companies did the unthinkable and challenged the assumptions of each industry. The largest assumption being “too big to fail.” Big corporate entities and unions that once enjoyed the perks of an overregulated business environment are being disrupted by free-market forces. Technology is not to blame. It’s merely the catalyst of a long overdue correction of inefficiency.

Taxi cabs still charge an arm and a leg and big media companies are charging exorbitant fees to promote content. They still don’t get it. But they will soon.

Likewise, public-sector unions have long enjoyed the privilege of an overregulated market. They can force union dues on members and lavish compliant lawmakers with campaign cash and expensive gifts to make the whole charade legal.

The unions have no competition. They’re the only “exclusive” representative in town. Many pro-business groups have given up trying to reform this corrupt process. Legislators give in to their demands. They believe public-sector unions have become too big to fail.

We don’t.

The Freedom Foundation believes in workers’ rights. We believe that in order for government to become efficient, someone needs to disrupt the process and educate workers about their rights.

Even if the Supreme Court grants workers right-to-work protections later this year in Janus v. AFSCME, unions will not disappear overnight. They will still lie, cheat and rob their members to fulfill their own agenda.

That’s why our 2018 new year’s resolution is freedom at all costs. We will not go quietly into the night.

We’re here to stay and fight.