Freedom Foundation

True to Form, Unions Exploit Coronavirus Emergency to Advance Political Agenda

“What House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pulled last night on the Coronavirus relief bill is unconscionable,” said Aaron Withe, national director of the Freedom Foundation.

“At a time when many Americans have been told they can’t come to work and many don’t know how much longer they’ll have a paycheck, wealthy politicians in Washington, D.C., are exploiting a needed relief package in order to satisfy their public union masters,” he said.

Among the goodies included in the “stimulus” package is wording that would ease collective bargaining regulations for government employee unions.
“This has nothing to do with anything except lining the pockets of union leaders and the politicians they buy and sell with the dues of unionized government workers,” Withe said.

“In auto racing, it’s against the rules to improve your position when a yellow flag is flying because of a dangerous situation on the track,” Withe said. “These days, the entire nation is flying under a yellow flag and the unions are trying to move up. Apparently they know nothing about racing and even less about rules.”