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Unions Attack Freedom Foundation CEO in His Own Neighborhood

Knowing instinctively they could never defeat the Freedom Foundation in a contest based on logic and reason, the government employee unions long ago began resorting to lies.

But recently, as the losses continue to mount in the courts of law and the court of public opinion, that strategy, too, has given way to the union standby – personal attacks and intimidation.

Earlier this month, the Washington State Labor Council announced the formation of a nonprofit corporation called the Northwest Accountability Project with one goal in mind – to attack and destroy the Freedom Foundation using any means necessary.

The group’s first official action was to create a laughably disingenuous video accusing the Freedom Foundation of every unsolved crime dating back to the Lindbergh kidnapping. But again, when lies don’t work, union thugs revert to type.

In this case, the Northwest Accountability Project authorized the publication and distribution of a four-color, glossy hate piece on Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe – which was mailed to his neighbors yesterday.

As with all of the unions’ recent efforts, this one has more than a whiff of desperation to it. In fact, it smacks of outright panic.

“What we’re doing works,” McCabe said. “And this proves it. We never expected them to walk away from a multi-million-dollar racket without a fight. And the closer they get to the end of the line, the nastier and more personal the attacks are going to be. This is just a glimpse of what these people are capable of.”

In response, Tom’s wife Susan responded to their neighbors with this letter:

Dear Neighbor,

By now you have probably received a four-page glossy hit piece on my husband, Tom McCabe, in your mailbox.

I would like to explain what’s going on, since you’d never be able to guess from the mailing or follow-up phone call from “The Accountability Project.” My husband is the CEO for the Freedom Foundation, an organization that supports the right to work for all Americans without being forced to join a labor union or pay union dues. “The Accountability Project,” is a cover for the Labor Unions, specifically SEIU.

Right to Work is hardly an extremist policy, which is why the labor unions want to talk about anything else, including where we go to church. Most people agree it’s flat out wrong, even un-American to force a person to join a union and pay dues as a condition of employment. Twenty-five states protect workers with Right to Work laws that make unionization a choice, not an obligation. In a Gallup Poll last year, 71% supported Right to Work.

The Freedom Foundation has made it their mission to explain to workers how to leave the union and keep their jobs. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that unions could not force child-care workers to unionize, the Freedom Foundation explained to workers exactly how to exercise their rights and stop unions from garnishing approximately $1,000 per year from their wages in dues. When the options were explained to them, more than 50% of child-care workers chose to leave the unions. I enclose an editorial from the Wall Street Journal from November 3, 2015 documenting these facts and the Freedom Foundation’s role.

It is disappointing to see unions resort to harassment and intimidation, and no fun when you are the target. I hope you can understand that this is a battle my husband believes in and that he has no intention of walking away. Obviously, when you see four-page glossy hit piece, you know piles of money must be involved. Forced unionization raises millions of dollars for the unions. I’m not sure how far labor unions intend to take this campaign of personal harassment. But given the money involved, I suspect it’s just the beginning. I respectfully ask you give us the benefit of the doubt, when you receive future hit pieces with vague accusations from groups with vague names.

If you are among the many neighbors who have expressed outrage over these tactics, I offer my sincere thanks. If not, here’s my story.


Susan McCabe
For the McCabe Family