Video vividly illustrates SEIU’s bullying tactics

Video vividly illustrates SEIU’s bullying tactics

Video vividly illustrates SEIU’s bullying tactics

The Freedom Foundation has released its latest video profiling the case of a former member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 721, who represents the latest in a string of union forgery allegations the Freedom Foundation is litigating.

Kirsti Parde, a court reporter for the LA Superior Court and a former member of SEIU 721, which represents Southern California public service workers.

Throughout her time in the union, Parde did not like paying the dues because SEIU 721 supported political candidates she opposed.

“I never cared for paying those dues,” she said, “because they supported political organizations and candidates that I didn’t”

One day, a colleague gave Parde a mailer from the Freedom Foundation describing how to celebrate Independence Day by giving yourself a raise. The mailer described public-sector employees’ rights not to pay union dues or fees explained that they can’t lose their job leaving their union.

When Parde decided to end her union membership, she said, “I was happy to put the money in our bank instead of theirs (SEIU 721), and I was even happier to distance myself from their political causes.”

Watch this video show how the Freedom Foundation and Kirsti Parde are standing up to big government unions that attempt to use scare tactics to steal money away from families because union bosses would rather keep sending checks to the left. 

“I had found out they (SEUI 721) had forged my signature, and this wasn’t new,” Parde said. “And I wasn’t the only one.”

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