Freedom Foundation

We Are Taking The Message Of Freedom To The Front Line

Ideas don’t implement themselves, and when they result in powerful people losing political capital or cold, hard cash, you can bet there will be severe pushback – often in forms of litigation.

The ongoing battle to educate home healthcare providers about their constitutional right to eliminate union deductions from their Medicaid reimbursements has again moved from the courtroom to the trenches on the front line.

In light of a recent legal victory to gain access to public records, last week the Freedom Foundation began a aggressive new outreach program to attend healthcare orientations across Washington and inform soon-to-be healthcare providers about their rights and the lies they’re certain to hear during their union indoctrination session.

From Spokane to Vancouver, from Olympia to Bellingham, the Freedom Foundation is spreading the word to workers about their right to keep all of their paycheck by not signing a union membership card and by sending an opt-out form to SEIU demanding it stop deducting dues.

In the past, our team has gone door to door and occasionally attended mandatory continuing education classes and trainings when we were able to lean about them. Now we have a list of all the orientations for new providers. For the first time since we launched our ground game in 2015, we have the ability to educate healthcare providers before the union is able to bully, trick and pressure them into signing union membership cards.

Thanks to the Freedom Foundation’s legal team, we’re one of the only think tanks in the country that has progressed from writing papers about good ideas to fighting for them in court and then implementing them at the ground level.

Thank you to our donors, and thank you to our legal team for turning an idea into freedom in action.