Gratitude towards all Freedom Foundation Plaintiffs and Legal Team

Gratitude towards all Freedom Foundation Plaintiffs and Legal Team

Gratitude towards all Freedom Foundation Plaintiffs and Legal Team

When I was selected as Freedom Foundation CEO in December 2013, one of my goals was to litigate on behalf of teachers and government workers who were being ripped off by their union. So naturally, I started hiring young and aggressive attorneys to do this job. In fact, my first hires were attorneys.

In the past ten years, Freedom Foundation has sued unions on behalf of hundreds of teachers and government employees. And in the process, we’ve hired and trained over two dozen lawyers and paralegals.

Lawsuits by their very nature are confrontational and demanding. The lawsuits we file are even more so. We’re fighting belligerent unions and their government enablers. The unions always hire topflight liberal law firms to defend themselves. Union attorneys utilize delay tactics to run up the bill and they intimidate the Freedom Foundation’s plaintiffs (the people we represent). Government attorneys are even worse because they’re not restrained by expenses. They send boatloads of attorneys and requests for depositions, interrogatories, court hearings, etc.

Through it all, Freedom Foundation clients receive excellent representation at no cost. And Freedom Foundation attorneys gain valuable, marketable experience as they engage in meaningful work.

Today in the honor of Thanksgiving, I extend my gratitude to all the government employees who courageously sued their unions. In particular, thank you to those like Glenn Laird who truly recognize and appreciate what Freedom Foundation is providing.

And I extend my gratitude to all Freedom Foundation attorneys and paralegals who have fought the good fight throughout the years. In particular, thank you to attorneys like David Dewhirst who recognize and appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given at Freedom Foundation. Dewhirst was my first hire and although he’s gone on to big things, currently legal adviser and Deputy Campaign Manager for Ron DeSantis for President, he regularly calls and texts me with his gratitude for what he learned at Freedom Foundation.

Tom McCabe is the President of the Freedom Foundation, a non-profit, public policy research organization founded in 1991. The Freedom Foundation’s mission is to advance individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited, accountable government. Tom is a tireless advocate for the free-market movement. For 21 years Tom lead the Building Industry Association of Washington, quadrupling their membership and increasing revenue from $400,000 to $10 million per year. Under Tom’s leadership, BIAW spearheaded statewide initiatives to roll back taxes and regulations. According to the Wall Street Journal, BIAW was the “counterbalance to labor unions in Washington State.” In 2011, the American Conservative Union presented Tom with the Ronald Reagan Award for his years of service in the conservative movement. Before coming to Washington State, Tom served in Washington, D.C. as Director of Congressional Affairs for the U.S. Veterans Administration under President Ronald Reagan. Tom and his wife Susan live in Olympia. They have three sons.