Water park, Freedom Foundation aim to dunk Inslee’s illegal scheme

Water park, Freedom Foundation aim to dunk Inslee’s illegal scheme

Water park, Freedom Foundation aim to dunk Inslee’s illegal scheme

Meet the Bordners. They’re the owners of Slidewaters, one of only two privately owned waterparks in eastern Washington. Thanks to Governor Jay Inslee’s continued stay home order, Slidewaters is quickly losing the few precious days it has to be open for business, employ nearly 200 local residents and generate enough revenue to open up again next year.

Slidewaters has been around since 1983 and is a beloved component of the Lake Chelan tourist community. It typically operates for 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

The Bordner family recently expanded the waterpark and expected to recoup the costs during this 2020 summer season.

Remaining closed would spell disaster.

That’s why the Freedom Foundation believes it’s so important to represent Slidewaters in taking legal action against Gov. Inslee and his unconstitutional plan to turn the state Department of Labor and Industries into his enforcement arm to punish business owners like the Bordners who simply want to get back to work.

The Freedom Foundation has filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Gov. Inslee. The case has been assigned to the Eastern District Federal Court of Washington in Spokane, where a ruling on the TRO could happen as early as Friday.

Please watch this video to learn more about the Bordners, their business and why the Freedom Foundation is committed to fighting for them. And other independent businesses like them.

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