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Media Mentions – Week of November 5, 2017

Portland Mercury – The City Relents, Releases the Names of Unionized Workers

As we reported last week, the city has freely released the names of union-represented employees in the past. But faced with a recent request from the right-wing Freedom Foundation, officials balked.

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The Lens – The bottom-up strategy to reform collective bargaining

Progressive income tax advocates have hoped to use local governments to push for statewide implementation of that tax. While that stratagem may soon get the kibosh in King County Superior Court, the concept has proven effective so far with another political movement aiming to bring greater transparency to public union labor negotiations.

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Washington State Wire – Kittitas Commissioners approve collective bargaining transparency

The Board of Kittitas County Commissioners yesterday changed County Codeto allow for collective bargaining transparency following a public hearing. The board adopted an ordinance requiring future negotiating sessions between Kittitas County and unions to be open to the public.

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Daily Record – Kittitas County opens labor negotiations to public

Kittitas County became the fourth Washington jurisdiction to open its negotiations with labor unions to the public on Tuesday following a unanimous vote by the Kittitas County commissioners.

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