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Media Mentions – Week of December 9th

Governing – Defying Predictions, Union Membership Isn’t Dropping Post-Janus

The Supreme Court’s ruling was expected to diminish union membership. But so far, many unions have actually increased their numbers since the verdict. Conservative groups are working to reverse that trend in the long run.

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The Spokesman-Review – Spokane County Commissioners Open Union Contract Negotiations To The Public

Spokane County commissioners voted Tuesday to stop negotiating union contracts behind closed doors, drawing praise from open-government advocates and rebukes from union leaders.

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Inlander – As Spokane County Moves To Make Labor Bargaining Public, Local Unions Balk

A majority of the Spokane County Commission voted to make collective bargaining negotiations with labor unions open to the public — purportedly to increase government transparency. Representatives from unions, however, say they were blindsided by the move and criticized the change.

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