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Media Mentions – Week of October 21

My Northwest – Washington State Employee’s Emails Have Become A Political Battleground

The emails of Washington’s state employees have become a political battlefield as a conservative group attempts to get workers to opt out of paying union dues, and union supporters vehemently counter their message.

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The Wenatchee World – Cannibalizing Wenatchee Valley College

The Washington Education Association, with an assist from its surrogates in the Washington State Legislature, succeeded this spring in passing a bill that has the potential to suffocate community colleges like Wenatchee Valley College.

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NW Labor Press – Republican Operative Sends Counterfeit Union Mailings To Mislead Washington Voters

Republicans in several closely-fought Washington electoral races stooped to a new low this year: sending out mailings with labor organization logos to trick voters into writing in the names of candidates who aren’t running … in order to drain support from union-backed candidates who are running.

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