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Freedom Foundation Outreach Continues through Corona Virus

While businesses and workers alike are being hit by the health and economic effects of the Corona Virus the Freedom Foundation is adapting to this new reality.

In conjunction with the federal governments guidelines on social distancing Freedom Foundations canvassers have pivoted from visiting workers at their homes and offices to now informing workers of their rights through phone banking and text messaging.

Public employees across the country are still unaware of their rights to opt out of their unions and cease paying union dues. It is at the core of the Freedom Foundation’s mission to ensure that we do not rest until people are aware of these rights.

Our calling and texting campaigns are just a couple of newer tools in our arsenal to give people this information. Our mail, e-mail, social media, billboards, and radio campaigns continue to be rolled out as well.

Overall the response from people has been overwhelmingly positive as most public employees could use a boost in their income at a time where a lot of their spouses in the private sector may be being laid off or having their hours reduced.

Of course, unions continue to be reluctant to allow people to actually put this money back in their pockets due to their “window-scheme,” that restricts their ability to opt out of paying union dues.

All of this would be a moot point if state governors would cease the states deduction of union dues as the Freedom Foundation urged them to do just a couple of weeks ago.