Mike Nearman to direct Freedom Foundation in Oregon

Mike Nearman to direct Freedom Foundation in Oregon
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Mike Nearman to direct Freedom Foundation in Oregon

This week, Mike Nearman assumed his new role as Oregon state director of the Freedom Foundation.

“I’m proud to be working with the Freedom Foundation,” Nearman said. “This organization provides a daily reminder that the rights of workers versus the unions that claim to support them are as precious as any other civil right.  It’s an honor to be asked to help uphold and defend them.”

Nearman replaces Aaron Withe, who has been promoted to head the Freedom Foundation’s national operations.

“We couldn’t ask for a better fit,” Withe said. “Mike lives and breathes Oregon, and his passion for the rights of its residents is like a force of nature. He’s been a longtime friend to the Freedom Foundation, and in this new position we intend to make excellent use of both his insight and his talent for getting things done.”

Nearman, who serves in the Oregon Legislature, will maintain his seat in the House of Representatives as he directs the Freedom Foundation’s Oregon activities.

“The two positions complement one another perfectly,” he said. “When I’m wearing my politician hat, my job is to safeguard the rights and advance the best interests of my constituents. As Oregon director for the Freedom Foundation, I’ll be doing the same thing for the whole state.”

Nearman was raised in Oregon and attended Jesuit High School in Portland. After graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisc., he returned to Oregon to help with his family’s office furniture business.

He subsequently earned a degree in computer science from Western Oregon University and most recently worked as a software engineer.

In his prior life, Nearman also worked as a cab driver, dishwasher, grave digger, mover and call center supervisor.

He is a former chair of the Polk County Republican party and is still active as a precinct committee person. He is a one-time board member of Oregonians for Immigration Reform and serves on the Central School District Budget Committee.

Nearman lives with his wife Debby, two dogs, a handful of sheep and a bunch of chickens on a single acre between West Salem and Independence.

He has two grown daughters.

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