Colorado’s public-sector unions squarely in Freedom Foundation’s crosshairs

Colorado’s public-sector unions squarely in Freedom Foundation’s crosshairs

Colorado’s public-sector unions squarely in Freedom Foundation’s crosshairs

(DENVER, Colo.) — The Freedom Foundation — the country’s hardest-working advocate for government employees who don’t want to join or pay dues to a labor union — is bringing its battle-tested formula to Colorado.

“We’ve helped public employees in all 50 states exercise their constitutional right to opt out of union tyranny,” said Freedom Foundation CEO Aaron Withe. “The timing couldn’t be better to bring our nationally recognized outreach program to Colorado’s public employees.”

On May 27, he noted, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed the Collective Bargaining for Counties bill into law, which expands collective bargaining rights to 36,000 county workers throughout Colorado.

The bill was hailed as one of the most significant expansions of collective bargaining rights for public sector workers in recent years. It goes into effect next year.

“The Freedom Foundation was formed to advance the ideals of free markets and limited, accountable government,” Withe said. “The labor unions that purport to represent the interests of millions of Americans working for state, county and local governments have made themselves the most brazen opponent of the values that have made this country great, and we’re proud to be their unrelenting nemesis.”

Founded in 1991 in Olympia, Wash., the Freedom Foundation has evolved into the country’s go-to resource in the struggle to curb the corrupting influence of powerful, public-sector unions.

The organization employs a multi-pronged outreach strategy that includes direct mail and email messages, social media, TV commercials and a small army of paid canvassers who visit public employees in their homes and workplaces to inform them face to face about their rights to opt out of union tyranny.

And when unions drag their feet, the Freedom Foundation has a corps of in-house attorneys to represent workers at no charge.

Over the past four years, the Freedom Foundation has helped more than 120,000 Americans end their union membership and fees, putting more than $225 million back into the pockets of the people who earned them rather than allowing them to be plundered by union bigwigs and corrupt politicians.

Rusty Brown, formerly the Freedom Foundation’s director of special projects, has been named Colorado director and will lead the organization’s outreach program.

“Government employees in this state are in danger of having their rights trampled as they have been in too many other government union-controlled states,” Brown said. “But now, they have a powerful ally in that struggle.”

“The Independence Institute and the Mountain States Legal Foundation are doing great work in the Centennial State and we look forward to building on their success as we move forward for a better Colorado.”