Freedom Foundation

Statement on PA Gov. Tom Wolf Stopping Pay for 9,000 State Employees

“One week ago, the Freedom Foundation called on Gov. Tom Wolf to give Pennsylvania public employees a break from union dues deductions from their paychecks,” said Hunter Tower, Freedom Foundation Pennsylvania Director. “Today he went even further by giving 10 percent of them a break from their paychecks altogether. But the next step is to order government-employee unions to suspend union deductions for the 90 percent of workers still employed by government at every level in this state.”

“If public sector-unions were prevented from deducting membership dues for just three months, Pennsylvanians would get to keep $63 million of their own money to spend in the private sector, paying bills, and infusing the state economy with additional money at no cost to taxpayers.”

“Everyone is being asked to shoulder the burden during this health and economic crisis – except government unions, apparently. It’s appalling that with thousands of Pennsylvanians losing their private-sector jobs and savings, government unions can’t voluntarily take a step back to make it a little easier on Pennsylvania public employees.”