Freedom Foundation

Three-month moratorium on public union dues would pump hundreds of millions back to hardworking Americans

As small business owners around the country close their doors and lay off employees, the Freedom Foundation is urging the nation’s leaders to take action that would immediately pump hundreds of millions of dollars back into the private sector – without raising a single dollar in taxes.

Specifically, the idea is to suspend union dues deductions from public-sector employee paychecks for three months.

“Our elected leaders have a great opportunity here to take immediate action that would help a lot of people in need,” said Tom McCabe, CEO of Freedom Foundation, a nationally respected public policy organization with offices in five states.

“Hardworking Americans need that money more than the unions do,” McCabe said. “Small businesses and working families are hurting. Wealthy government unions can do their part by temporarily foregoing the dues deductions so people can keep more of their own money, spend it in the private sector and get our economy rolling again.”

A temporary, three-month dues suspension would allow public employees in Washington state, for example, to keep as much as $60 million in their pockets. In Oregon, a dues suspension would mean $29 million staying with those who actually earned it. Three months of no union dues collection would help Pennsylvanians to the tune of $63 million, and In Ohio, it would mean an extra $61 million pouring back into the private sector.  In California, a mere three months of no union dues would inject the state’s economy with a whopping $250 million.

“Right now, our economy is in trouble,” McCabe continued. “But the governors of these states could quickly do the right thing and call for a dues suspension. Government union bank accounts can go three months without collecting dues. People need to pay rent, put food on the table and gas in their car. This isn’t rocket science.”