It’s time to reassess union influence on our children’s future

It’s time to reassess union influence on our children’s future

It’s time to reassess union influence on our children’s future

In recent weeks, American parents from coast to coast have witnessed a troubling trend in the education systems of blue states like Oregon and New York, where traditional academic standards are being significantly altered or abandoned altogether.

This shift, driven in no small measure by teacher’s union meddling, raises critical questions about the future of our children’s education and the broader societal implications.

In Oregon, the State Board of Education made a startling decision to eliminate high school graduation requirements for students to demonstrate basic skills in reading, writing and math. Thanks to Senate Bill 744, Oregon has drastically dumbed down its previous standard of mandating proficiency in “Essential Skills.”

This move, ostensibly aimed at “equity” (translation – we don’t believe minority students can be held to the same standards as white kids, so we won’t have any standards at all), in fact undermines the very essence of educational fairness and quality.

How can we ensure every student is given an equal opportunity to succeed when the bar for success is lowered to the point of meaninglessness?

New York is facing a similar educational crisis and is considering the same madness to fix the problem.

The state’s familiar Regents exams, a century-old benchmark for academic achievement and college readiness, are now under threat. The New York Department of Education, acting on the recommendations of its Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures, is contemplating eliminating these exams as a graduation requirement.

This could severely dilute what little value a New York high school diploma had to begin with, leaving students underprepared for the challenges ahead.

These educational reforms share a common thread – the dominant influence of teacher’s unions.

While these unions claim to advocate for the educators they represent – and indirectly for the quality of learning they provide our children – it’s painfully obvious their true objective is to use the public education apparatus to push a liberal political agenda.

Under the guise of progressivism and equity, these changes seem more focused on advancing radical ideological goals than genuinely improving educational outcomes.

At the Freedom Foundation, we are deeply committed to challenging the power of radical teachers’ unions and their detrimental policies on education. We believe in liberating public employees from political exploitation and the ideological agendas that pervade our schools.

Every day, we aim to empower educators and public employees with accurate information and support, helping them make informed decisions about union membership.

Through strategic communication, litigation and advocacy, we are making a significant impact in New York and beyond.

We will never stop fighting for an education system that prioritizes high standards, critical thinking and the true well-being of every American student. With the support of educators, parents and freedom-loving citizens across the country, the Freedom Foundation will continue to champion the cause of educational integrity and stand against the tide of radical union agendas.

Outreach Coordinator
Ryan Brooks joined the Freedom Foundation in May of 2021. Before that, he gained a great deal of experience in the political arena by working for various political campaigns in Washington and Alaska. Ryan is a native of Spokane, Washington. He is a US Army Veteran and graduate from Full Sail University. When he’s not out fighting big government unions, Ryan enjoys going on adventures in the wilderness and enjoying life in the country with his family.