CALIFORNIA: It isn’t too soon to start planning SEIU 1000’s exit

CALIFORNIA: It isn’t too soon to start planning SEIU 1000’s exit

CALIFORNIA: It isn’t too soon to start planning SEIU 1000’s exit

Compared to other states, stripping an unpopular union of its certification in California is a complicated, time-consuming process.

But it isn’t impossible, and the Freedom Foundation doesn’t turn down difficult assignments.

Recently, we sent an email to nearly 75,000 state employees represented by SEIU 1000, California’s largest government employee union, explaining the decertification process in order to gauge the members’ interest.

Given that nearly 38,000 saw and opened the message, we concluded there was plenty.

While the email didn’t go into great detail about how decertification could happen in the Golden State, it at least introduced them to the reality that a process exists by which they could potentially replace a union that serves the leftist political agenda of its leadership rather than the workplace concerns of its members.

For reference, we can estimate from both external sources and our own reporting from opt outs that SEIU 1000 currently has about 45,871 dues-paying members out of more than 96,0000 represented employees — an abysmal 47 percent membership rate, with more opting out every day.

This puts SEIU in a very odd predicament. A minority of diehard members will increasingly be dictating the actions of the majority, which is completely undemocratic. This is why decertification is important.

Unlike Florida, for example, where public-sector unions must conduct a yearly audit and a re-certification election is triggered automatically if its paid membership is found to be less that 60 percent, California Public Employee Review Board (PERB) regulations won’t allow any action regarding SEIU 1000 until 2026.

At that point, critics of the union are free to submit a decertification petition, which will then have to be voted on by all the entire bargaining unit.

While that may seem far away, it’s never too early to start laying the groundwork.  The Freedom Foundation is committed to helping these state workers free themselves from a union that only sees them as a cash cow to fund its radical political agenda.

If the responses we got from the email are any indication, there is genuine interest in cleaning house. And there’s no more effective broom than the Freedom Foundation.

Bring on 2026.

California Outreach Director
Before joining the Freedom Foundation, Orlando studied and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. During his college career he worked and canvassed for various organizations and candidates to bring change to Southern California and his neighborhood of San Bernardino County. As an independent minded student, honored the freedoms and limitation set forth by the Constitution. As a deputy director for Rick Caruso’s bid for mayor in Los Angeles in 2022, Orlando’s role was to recruit, train and manage canvassers fulfilling his passion of engaging with people about politics on the streets of South LA. Despite the hostile environment, he enjoyed being an effective member of Caruso’s team. Orlando enjoys spontaneous trips with friends, the sunny beaches of Orange County and making his newly-wed wife, Mariana, laugh.