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A Cherished Oregon Restaurant Stands Up to Queen Kate

The momentum is building.

More and more, small business owners are looking around at the ongoing, unconstitutional lockdown orders and the bills that are piling up and they are saying “ENOUGH!”.

Meet restauranteur family, the Patzkes: Mick, his wife Dee, sister Patty, and their mother, Annie.

The Patzke family has owned Casey’s Restaurant, a beloved establishment in Klamath Falls, Oregon, for 31 years. The Patzkes realized they couldn’t afford to shutdown a second time, so they’re remaining open with an outpouring support from their community.

Mike Patzke: “We still have to pay taxes while the bureaucrats, they never miss a paycheck and they don’t have to worry about their jobs.”

Patty Patzke: “OSHA has fined us, and they’re going to fine us even more. And we’re going to stay open.”

Annie Patzke: “We have some of our family that we lost in World War II, and they were fighting for freedom, so I feel like we should fight for freedom, also.”

Your Freedom Foundation is proud to partner with patriots like the Patzkes, who are striving to keep their family business alive and their employees paid, and give their community a welcoming place for fellowship. Please help them out by contributing to their cause.

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