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Meet the Woman Helping Freedom Foundation Take on Brown’s Mask Mandate

The Freedom Foundation is pleased and proud to work with Shannan (last name withheld), who is a plaintiff in the organization’s mask mandate lawsuit against Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Shannan is a survivor of domestic abuse and suffered attempts by her ex-husband to cut off her breathing. Understandably, she has post trauma stress from the abuse, but Gov. Brown’s mask mandates have forced another form of abuse on her.

At first, people with medical exemptions were not forced to wear masks at while shopping for groceries or running other errands. But as Gov. Brown increases her stranglehold on the state, life has become much more difficult for Shannan and people like her.

She’s been followed and accosted by strangers who feel empowered to bully anyone without a mask. She’s now being denied entry by the few places who once recognized the medical exemption. There are now very few public places Shannan can go.

Her stress and anxiety have increased dramatically. Nightmares have returned. These are the unintended consequences Gov. Brown won’t consider.

Your Freedom Foundation is fighting for Shannan and people like her. Watch her tell her story here: