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Santa Claus to Children Everywhere: “Set out those milk and cookies”

Santa Claus stopped by your Freedom Foundation last week to film a special message for children wondering if COVID-19 would keep him tucked away in the North Pole this Christmas.

No chance. He isn’t going to let fear and governor imposed lock-downs keep him from his yearly journey.

The only risk Santa acknowledges is the risk of being fined or arrested for defying Scrooge-like Govs. Jay Inslee, Kate Brown and Gavin Newsom. But he’s willing to take the risk:

“Christmas is a magical time for children and families. Celebrations with family, friends, pictures with me and, of course, the excitement of telling me what you want for Christmas, are special holiday experiences for both young and old.

“Don’t worry kids, Santa is still going to deliver presents this year.

“Be good; set out the milk and cookies, ‘cuz I’m on my way.”

“P.S.  Congratulations to Govs. Inslee, Brown and Newsom — You’ve made my naughty list and you can expect a lump of carbon energy in your stockings this year.”