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Sen. Harris fiddles while California’s education system burns

Californians need to look no further than junior U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris to wonder whether its leaders truly prioritize them over a leftist political agenda that seeks to subvert the working class into a political machine for collectivism and its socialist dreams of grandeur.

Harris recently stated on her campaign webpages that she “…pledges to protect California’s students and safeguard their access to education.” But who is protecting the students from a failed education system that currently ranks California as 41st in the nation?

Our education system certainly isn’t suffering from the lack of resources from the federal government. California spends more than $76.6 billion on education.

How can we spend so much and yet our kids learn so little?

Kamala Harris pledges to safeguard student access to education, and yet she counts among her most ardent admirers the single biggest obstacle to it — public-sector unions in general and the California Teachers Association in particular.

Why do the unions continue to beat the drums for tax increases for education and yet prevent students from leaving a broken system? The answer is simple. Our entitlement welfare system has finally caught up to reality.

Public pensions and unaccountable salary structures have finally overloaded the system, and it may soon come to end with Janus.

Teachers are afraid of losing their benefits. They are afraid of losing their pensions. They believe they deserve what’s owed to them.

They are not at fault for claiming these benefits. The system promised it to them and now the taxpayers must fork over their earnings to keep up with the explosion in spending.

There is no accountability and this insidious culture of entitlement has blunted human entrepreneurship and holistic development.

Sen. Harris is now waging a public war against “corporations” that stand to benefit from the Janus v. AFSCME court case. Even though there is no yet decision from the Supreme Court, she couldn’t resist exploiting the moment to exhort her followers to join her on a crusade against wealthy corporations that, according to her, wish for lower wages and poorer working conditions.

This is classic class warfare that California’s leaders have been peddling to distract from the real issues of the day. Harris also seems unaware of the fact that the Janus decision has major implications for public-sector employees – people who work for the government, not wealthy corporations.

Government employee unions may rue the day the Janus decision falls, but California taxpayers live every day stuck in a system that fails to address real poverty, systemic unemployment and stagnant wages while its leaders fiddle on the roof to the same tune of class warfare.