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Union is afraid of its members learning the truth

Unions across the nation are in a frenzied campaign to get their members to sign “recommitment cards.” These cards are a commitment, for sure – a commitment that is nearly irrevocable. The Freedom Foundation is working to educate union members by email and mailers, warning them of this never-ending commitment.

The unions are in a tizzy over the Foundation’s outreach because the result is floods of union members seeking to opt out, and even more are discovering the true reason behind the sudden push for “recommitment forms” from the union.

The San Diego Education Association (SDEA) followed the Freedom Foundation’s teacher outreach with a hasty email and Facebook notice to its members to raise awareness that the Foundation “are not [the Association’s] friends.” SDEA is biting its nails because the Freedom Foundation is uncovering its secret agenda.

To “opt out” indicates a choice or an option. SDEA does not want its members to have a choice. If it can only lock its members into membership eternally, then SDEA executives can have peace of mind.

SDEA labelled the Foundation an “anti-public education” group engaging in “cynical” actions. Nothing could be more cynical than labeling the Foundation “anti-worker” and “anti-student.” The Foundation is a nonprofit that helps union members when they have nowhere else to turn. SDEA forcibly charges public school teachers for its services even when its help is unwanted.

SDEA’s powerful action plan to counter the Freedom Foundation included the following three components:

  • An instruction to mark the Freedom Foundation email as spam so that their eyes will be shielded from further truth-revealing emails;
  • A plea to forward the union’s response email to “every SDTA member you know” ; and
  • A pitch to sign the “recommitment forms” that further restrict members’ ability to opt out of the union.

Unfortunately for the San Diego Education Association, the teachers are wise to its tactics. Shortly after SDEA sent out its anti-Freedom Foundation screed, we received the following email from an employee:

Dear Freedom Foundation,

Keep up the good work! I just wanted to share that I was pleasantly surprised to receive your e-mail. Following your e-mail, I received the one below from the local union, they are frightened!

I just wanted to send a note of encouragement and I wanted to say thanks for helping to spread the word.

An Agency Fee Payer

Sorry, San Diego Education Association. Teachers are not so easily fooled.