Have a wonderful Christmas — then let’s get back to work

Have a wonderful Christmas — then let’s get back to work

Have a wonderful Christmas — then let’s get back to work

Christmas is a time of joy, hope, faith, tradition and family — all the things liberals hate.

Is it any wonder the emboldened left wants so badly to exploit a pandemic and impose upon you a holiday stripped of its wonder?

Don’t let it happen.

Take common-sense precautions to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from illness, but don’t succumb to fear. And never forget it’s equally important to inoculate against the sickness with which too many would infect our souls.

If you do nothing else during this still-magnificent season, make your celebration the merriest you can manage. Do what you always do — only bigger and brighter.

Above all, keep God in your heart and be proud of your convictions. His plan isn’t always obvious, and hardships often strain our beliefs. Those who seek to steal your freedoms and your means very often begin by eroding your moral foundation.

Stay resolute. Continue to promote — and live each day — the values that built this nation and made you the person you are.

Some years are for seizing the initiative; others are for digging in and defending ground already won. The more ardently you do one, the better prepared you are when the opportunity for the other presents itself.

Don’t be like them. Respond to your setbacks with grace and humility rather than bitterness and rancor. Then work like hell to make sure they’re not repeated.

Christmas, more than any other time of year, is a time to emphasize the things that bind us together as people, not dwell on the wedge driven between us by our petty differences.

The struggle will be waiting for us in the New Year. But for what little remains of the difficult one coming to a close, be happy. Enjoy the peace of mind your labors have earned.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless you.

Vice President for News and Information
Jeff is a native of West Virginia and a graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in journalism. He served in the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis, Wash., as a broadcast journalist and has worked at a number of newspapers in West Virginia and Washington. Most recently, he spent 11 years as editor of the Port Orchard (Wash.) Independent, which earned the 2011 Washington Newspaper Publishers’ Association’s General Excellence Award as the top community newspaper in Washington. Previously, he was editor of the Business Examiner newspaper in Tacoma, Wash., for seven years. Jeff lives in Lacey; he and his wife have grown twin daughters.